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Welcome to my astro-image site/blog. My name is Grant Glendinning and for many years I had been interested in photographing the sky above but never had the proper equipment, or funds to do so. Many years ago BD (before digital) I had a small Tasco telescope, which I thought was quite good then, it let me see some planets, Jupiter, Saturn & Venus but what I really wanted to do was photograph those objects but after reading how to go about it, I soon gave up that idea and sold the telescope soon after. It was just too expensive to get in to.
The past month or so (2004) I was searching the internet for the best telescope I could buy for less than £1000 (with motorised mount) and to use with my EOS 300d. I settled for a refractor since it is normally maintenance free.
I now own a Sky watcher 6" refractor with HEQ5 , since I have already got a Canon EOS 300d, it meant I only need purchase a T-adapter ring to mount my camera for prime focus photography and a fringe killer filter to minimise the purple haze of these types of refractors.
I have had this telescope since 9/12/04 and have not really had a chance to use it properly, until last night (21/12/04), which was a very clear and calm night, the moon was between half and full (Gibbous). I took a few pictures of the moon and scanned the sky the rest of the time. I only know a few constellations in the sky so I have a lot of reading and learning to get on with.
I am very pleased with this scope although it did shock me a little when it arrived and I saw how big it was (very heavy too) I've yet to set it up for proper tracking of the stars.

November 2009 equipment update. I now have the HEQ5PRO
mount and an 80mm ED Skywatcher refractor and 6"Maksutov cassegrain telescope

Canon 5dMKII video of Jupiter and Moons HERE